Volume 1, No. 1 – 2001

Volume 1, No. 1 - 2001




  • The Performers by NEERADA SURESH Posted in: Fiction “Hello, there” he drawled over the phone. She detected a faintly exaggerated formalcy in his voice and sat up. He was on show, for someone watching him at the other end. Certainly not the time for a conversation of any… Continue Reading
  • Madhu by Catherine Thankamma Posted in: Fiction The telephone rang. It was my neighbour Paramjit ‘Did you give Madhu a chaddar? ’ ‘Yes....’ ‘I thought it was yours...Look, don’t misunderstand me, but you shouldn’t give her such things. It creates problems for all of us!’ On that… Continue Reading


  • Kamala Das – Excerpts by KAMALA DAS Posted in: Interview FROM AN INTERVIEW SREEDEVI K. NAIR Kamala Das can best be described as a superb artist and a literary phenomenon. An incomparable poet, a painter, a short-story writer and a novelist. She is a good juggler as well. She juggles… Continue Reading


  • The Pen by BALAMONI AMMA Posted in: Poetry The colourful active life of the housewife Is beyond my reach now The little ones who nagged me For a any hut in the front yard Are all grown. and have built grand mansions of their own. No need to… Continue Reading
  • A Spring from the Misty Mountain by ROSEMARY Posted in: Poetry “The way you pour Affection on people I don't like Sharing love Like the holy bread Too, I don't like.-said he— And afterwards They too said the same To love all Means Utter foolishness “It will never take you anywhere!… Continue Reading
  • Tea by NEERADA SURESH Posted in: Poetry It was always the same scenario The same line. While I made tea On a rusty red stove He stood watching leaning by the door and then said, I like the cut of your dress as though it were a… Continue Reading
  • No Longer just a Woman by SULOCHANA RAMMOHAN Posted in: Poetry The smell of her lover remained in the bathroom long after he had gone Lavender or cologne purely masculine Musk may be Soap or aftershave Lingering over the final good bye. Her purely feminine pink tiled bathroom invaded, pervaded by… Continue Reading
  • In Search of a Beloved Pearl by P. SYAMALA DEVI Posted in: Poetry I wander in search of my beloved pearl Lost somewhere in the lonely shores Vigour completely lost I walk Like one ordained To a solitary confinement in some lonely cave. The wails dash against me like echoes in Wilderness, encircle… Continue Reading
  • The Unknown Conception by MANJUSHREE S. KUMAR Posted in: Poetry CONCEPTION Destinies branch into the unknown, Emanate from the Womb of the long Trunk— A trunk rooted deeply in Time. Can the womb contemplate The ways of Providence- The womb must protect Nurture and Nourish. What lies in an unfettered… Continue Reading
  • Unified Separateness by BINI B.S. Posted in: Poetry The invisible stone wall of silence Separates two turbulent oceans And crumbles Just when the waves are pacified. A precarious ocean Separates two cold stone walls And dries dead Just when the sun shines warm. We have seen these, felt… Continue Reading
  • Geometry by S. MURALI Posted in: Poetry (If geometry is the science of space spread on a two dimensional surface) They tell me even a spot in space does not mean anything all by itself; things have relative meaning like the curvature of the earth against the… Continue Reading


  • Asoka by Sarah Joseph Posted in: Fiction, Translation After a long year of suffering Sita lowered her eyes to see her body. Body! It was nothing but sand and dust devoid of form or shape having been broken and battered by snow, rain, sunlight and looks that were… Continue Reading
  • The (post-modern) story of Jyoti Viswanath by Chandrika Balan Posted in: Fiction, Translation May the author state something at the outset itself ? This story is purely fictitious. It has no connections whatsoever with people who are simply alive or with people who have escaped unto death. Any semblance to life, if discovered,… Continue Reading
  • The disruputed coronation by K.B Sridevi Posted in: Fiction, Translation Kaikeyi, wife of Dasaratha, was sitting amidst her numerous ornament boxes spread wide open on the courtyard of her palace in Ayodhya, the kingdom where kings of the Suryavamsa were born, brought up and thrived. She was engaged in sorting… Continue Reading
  • Sayani Bhua by Manu Bhandari & Usha Menon Posted in: Fiction, Translation That Sayani Bhua was really christened “Sayani” is what I believe. It is also possible that the name became hers because of her very correct, mature and “perfect” ways! Who ever dubbed her so was an expert at choosing names.… Continue Reading

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