Volume 1, No. 2 – 2001

Volume 1, No. 2 - 2001




  • Swarnakumari Menon: An Interview by T.K. ANANDI Posted in: Interview Smt. Swarnakumari Menon is known to us only as the President of All India Women Conference, Kerala chapter. But in fact she is one of the persons who created history in the freedom movement of our country. Clad in white… Continue Reading


  • The new Mildewed Millennium by SANIUKTA DASGUPTA Posted in: Poetry When the foetus was murdered None felt her quiver of voiceless protest When the witch was slaughtered Her intense raucous cries were just grotesque Between the female foetus and the witch Falls the shadow of the woman Her anointed conditioned… Continue Reading
  • To Sita by VASANTHI SANKARANARAYANAN Posted in: Poetry Sita, I shall not weep for you l have no compassion for you I believe You are the cause Of all our endless pain Your chastity, Your insistence on a one-man relationship, Your jumping into the fire, Your final disappearance… Continue Reading
  • Lessons: 1,2, 3 by MAMTA SAGAR Posted in: Poetry “Far above is the sky Far below is the Earth. You are the Earth I am the sky.” Aha ! how profound! give food to fill my belly give dreams to fill my sleep; who is the giver here, who… Continue Reading
  • Time,Dreams,Morning news, Blinding love by INDIRA MENON Posted in: Poetry What is this time? Turning the tottering steps to running feet? the gurgling laughter to dimpled smile And the bewitching looks so sweet ending in wrinkled smile sans teeth? What is this time? That changes the darling buds of May… Continue Reading
  • When the soul Catches fire by MARY NIRMALA Posted in: Poetry Tonight hangs heavy on me.. Memories haunt And old wounds start bleeding... The stars mock at me And the crescent moon creeps to my bed The soft breeze brings fragrance From the Jasmine by my window The nightingale sings the… Continue Reading


  • The Carpenter’s Daughter by VIJAYALEKSHIMI Posted in: Poetry, Translation I bow to that magnificent spirit Which carved A thousand temple towers As I leave With a box of chisels and a measuring rod I will not be a prey to that broad chisel From the time I remember My… Continue Reading
  • Suicide Suicide Suicide by RAJALEKSHMI Posted in: Poetry, Translation “Taking one’s own life -- surely that’s a sign of cowardice -- of inadequacy and cowardice.” “I won’t grant you that it’s cowardice. Is it cowardice to throw yourself before a moving train?” “Oh, no, brave of you, then? Just… Continue Reading
  • A World without Dushyanthan and Bheeman by P. VALSALA Posted in: Translation        I recognised that old familiar path in no time. Giving the cab man the money and not bothering to collect the change I went on gazing at the city road which was once mine.        The time is 9.30 AM. It… Continue Reading
  • Glorified Falsehoods by ASHITHA Posted in: Fiction, Translation   Jayakrishnan simply loved girls. He was at that particular age when girls bewitched him day and night with the mystic charms of snake groves full of forbidden treasures. That was why, when Shobha and friends asked him tongue in… Continue Reading
  • Eyes by VOLGA Posted in: Fiction, Translation Mother says my eyes are beautiful. She daubs kohl to my eyes. My sister-in- law too says, “Black kohl on your fair cheeks and black kohl in your white eyes— how attractive are your eyes!” True, my eyes are indeed… Continue Reading
  • Mehnat ki roti by SUNANDA BHATTACHARYA Posted in: Fiction, Translation The office is having an audit, so the work-load has been immense for the past ten days. Returning home is being delayed everyday. Today I get off at the bus stop and quickly buy potatoes, peas, mushrooms and what not… Continue Reading

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