Volume 10, No. 1 – 2010

Volume 10, No. 1 - 2010



  • Brainless Women by M. SARASWATHI BAI Posted in: Fiction, Translation 'Brainless Women' is considered the first Malayalam short story that got published in a woman's name. No other information is available on its author, M. Saraswathi Bai. The story was first published in April 1911, in Bhashaposhini, Book XV, Volume… Continue Reading
  • Is This Desirable? by LALITHAMBIKA ANTHARJANAM Posted in: Fiction, Translation “Not yet time for coffee?” He came in from his afternoon nap, yawning repeatedly, and called out: “Three o’clock already and coffee not ready yet?...“ It was only then that she laid down the ‘Social Welfare’ newspaper in her hand,… Continue Reading
  • Letter from a Writer by LALITHAMBIKA ANTHARJANAM Posted in: Translation   Dear Sister: I have been thinking of writing to you for days. To tell you the truth, I would have done it when I saw your first story published. A thought then came – this is your first publication.… Continue Reading
  • The last Guest by MADHAVIKKUTTY Posted in: Fiction, Translation Mr. Mitra woke up at 5: 30 a.m. that morning, only because he was in the habit of waking up early. The street outside was coming to life. The first bus coughed its way out of the bus station. The… Continue Reading
  • The World Creates a poet by MADHAVIKKUTTY Posted in: Fiction, Translation “Like a spider caught in its own web.” She stepped out of the door and down the steps into the garden. A little frog came out from under and shot through between her feet. “She was plunging into that death… Continue Reading
  • The seer by K. B. SREEDEVI Posted in: Fiction, Translation The festival on Thirumandham Hill was at its peak. The sacred deity was being ceremoniously carried forth. Seven elephants, a traditional orchestra of five types of instruments, and a milling crowd. The sun blazed off the gilded head dresses of… Continue Reading
  • In the mind of Every Woman Writer by SARAH JOSEPH Posted in: Fiction, Translation Many, many arguments later, I decided I had to leave the place. I set out the most essential clothes, books and writing materials, and sent a telegram to Aunt Mabel about my arrival. On my way back after sending the… Continue Reading
  • The Story Doesn’t go on by B. M. ZUHARA Posted in: Fiction, Translation “I don’t want to get married, Mama.” This, from Kutty Malu a college student, incensed Paru Amma. Just when marriage proposals were streaming in for Kutty Malu, this whine from her! She knew it was not old times. All the… Continue Reading
  • Dolls by CHANDRIKA BALAN Posted in: Fiction, Translation Brought in from the ambulance into the house on a softly padded stretcher, it was Seethalakshmi herself who saw the dolls. They sat swinging their legs on the branches of the mango tree. One of them looked at her and… Continue Reading
  • The Artist’s Father by CHANDRIKA BALAN Posted in: Fiction, Translation As in the novel The Legends of Khasak, the youth addressed the old man as ‘the father of the artist’. Okay, let that be the title of this story. The old man was resting in the canvas chair with his… Continue Reading
  • A Day in the life of a Little Darling’s Mama by GITA HIRANYAN Posted in: Fiction, Translation "Doodlekins. .., honey, I am going to make your warble the theme song to the story I am writing today," said the lady in the auto-rickshaw. Theme song? For a story? It did not trouble the eighteen month old riding… Continue Reading
  • Some Tricks of the Writing Trade: Unavailable in Workshops by GITA HIRANYAN Posted in: Fiction, Translation “Quite unconsciously, he grew to fill out her mind. Like the saintly hermit in Sravana Belgola who comes in view whichever corner of the city you look from, whichever corner of her mind she looked from, he came into view.”… Continue Reading
  • Her House by K. P. SUDHEERA Posted in: Fiction, Translation He had only removed the bolt on the huge iron gates. It parted in two with a strange noise – much like the tortured sob of an assaulted woman, he thought. In the large front yard laid in concrete were… Continue Reading
  • Memory’s Vein by K. R. MEERA Posted in: Fiction, Translation Her voice was like the scrape of rusted steel. A dark purple vein on her withered neck stood out as if to brandish a war cry. The old lady adjusted her glasses and with no particular introduction, asked: Do you… Continue Reading
  • Charu’s Story by SITHARA S. Posted in: Fiction, Translation “Two people in one person”, said Charu to her husband Jayan. In the few days of his acquaintance with his wife, Jayan recognised this for the start of a long harangue. But he did not express his confusion. Jayan was… Continue Reading

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