Volume 10, No. 2 – 2010

Volume 10, No. 2 - 2010



  • RUKUNA by KRISHNA CHARAN BEHERA Posted in: Fiction   You might have seen her regularly. She comes at about eight or nine in the morning. She comes with her hesitant and slow pace. She carries a basket or a tin box under her arm. That basket or tin… Continue Reading
  • The Darkest blue by K. R. MEERA Posted in: Fiction The experience of love that I’m going to describe is the strangest. So here’s an advance warning: chaste wives (in the satisavitri mould) and strictly monogamous men (in the maryaadaapurushottam mould) are advised against reading this account. I will not… Continue Reading
  • Tommy /me by SREEBALA K. MENON Posted in: Fiction Our love overflowed with romance, burned intense and youthful. Just the way Grand’ad Basheer, the master storyteller1, imagined it to be. However, the story wasn’t without a few amendments. I wasn’t Kesavan Nair. Neither was she Saramma. Instead, she was… Continue Reading
  • Mother Mary and 20th Century fox by TEJASWI MURALI Posted in: Fiction I was wandering about in my timeless world of happiness in heaven when angel Gabriel approached me. She gave me a task, the same task that I had performed back when I was in my living state, on earth. She… Continue Reading


  • The Other side of the door by BETSY PAUL C. Posted in: Drama Characters Renu : a nineteen year old girl, extremely interesting and attractive, than beautiful. Man : a six pack TDH (tall, dark, handsome) twenty six year old. Two strangers : in their thirties Renu’s father : in his late forties… Continue Reading

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