Volume 12, No. 2 – 2012

Volume 12, No. 2 - 2012



  • Meera Velayudhan -an Interview by CHANDRAMOHAN Posted in: Interview Keywords: dalit women, cochin legislative council, indian national congress, mandal agitation, form of engagement, form of exclusion Dr Meera Velayudhan, Fellow Council For Social Development (CSD), Hyderabad is one among the prominent Dalit activists in India. She was gracious enough… Continue Reading
  • Kalki Subramanyam –an Interview by CHANDRAMOHAN Posted in: Interview Keywords: empowerment of transgenders, transgender rights activists, lgbt activists, sexual minority, literacy rate Kalki Subramanyam is the founder of "Sahodari Foundation," an organization working far the empowerment of transgenders in India. As a transgender rights activist, actor and a transsexual… Continue Reading
  • Bengali Migrant Labourers- an Interview by PHILIP JOSE, E. I. IBRAHIM AND CHANDRAMOHAN Posted in: Interview Abstract: Kerala witnesses the onrush of migrant workers from the other states of India like West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, and Uttar Pradesh. Interestingly, the size of the migrant workforce in the State almost matched the estimated size of Malayalis working… Continue Reading


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