Volume 18, No. 1 – 2018

Volume 18, No. 1 - 2018


  • Poems: A Selection by Sanjay Mukherjee Posted in: Poetry GAPING SILENCES At 4 am, silence is a single leaf twirling and twirling and touching the ground. The earth and the full moon contented in this hushed-up sound know the endurance of the reverberations of smashed monuments, crashed aeroplanes, splintered… Continue Reading
  • Poems: A Selection by Reena Prasad Posted in: Poetry POWER LINES The revolt will be an electric current from a broken power line A crouching wild animal in the bushes ready to strike at the ones who dare to love it with a touch Its fury pent up from… Continue Reading
  • Poems: A Selection by Ravi Shanker N Posted in: Poetry THE MAN WITH THE SOLAR BRAIN   His brain awash with solar rays The man with the solar brain Walks past the cotton fields And the mobile towers Listening to the tweets and The songs of extinct birds. Extinct is… Continue Reading
  • Poems: A Selection by Nabina Das Posted in: Poetry AN EXTRACT REASONS FOR EXISTING Just because we have rains out tears don’t stop Just because there’s sunset blood doesn’t get dusted From door to door, there are X marks someone is missing and like the story of Ali Baba… Continue Reading
  • Poems: A Selection by Mashrur Shahid Posted in: Poetry Rumiana* “Rumiana” is an unending series of Rumi-influenced verse-utterances composed in mobile phone encrypted in txt-language. There is a constant negotiation between I and you, one and 1, in and out, pretentiousness and spontaneity, depth and depthlessness, merging and emerging… Continue Reading
  • Poems: A Selection by Martin Levinson Posted in: Poetry TRUMP ON TRUTH Truth is a liar, a smokescreen invented by gay, black environmentalists who sneak his panics across the border when the border patrol has its back turned because they are busy at work keeping Muslims and Martians out… Continue Reading
  • Letter to the Patriarch regarding Application for Absolution by Margaret Mascarenhas Posted in: Poetry As though changing your name each time reborn would absolve you As though by propitiating Durga As though by chanting Hail Mary As though there will be 72 virgins Footbinder, property bandit, Inquisitor, Ass No goddess will come to your… Continue Reading
  • Poems: A Selection by Lance A . Strate Posted in: Poetry myana marred your mightiest ships cannot sail to heaven on a river of blood justsayin' from generation to degeneration the slope slips and slides throughout the land we hear the cry as honesty elides a thousand pictures painted with the… Continue Reading
  • Poems: A Selection by Ken Allan Dronsfield Posted in: Poetry REVELATORY, VERSION II In this world of heartless consumption waste of human life to the whipsaw; children shot dead while at recess never did so little mean so much then when two deer in a field saw you and you… Continue Reading
  • Poems: A Selection by INGE WESDIJK (DAGINNEAIGNEND) Posted in: Poetry (A poem about child abuse due to an addictive parent) Tiny scarlet drops on the little girl's knee Heart-rending tears, mom's cherishing embrace kissing the pain away The little girl remindedme of Aiden We both went to the same Elementary… Continue Reading
  • Where even Eagles don’t dare by Glory Sasikala Posted in: Poetry In the silent place in my mind - you don't exist your narrow, four-lined square, boxed suffocating point of view does not exist your inability to comprehend any world beyond that does not exist your funny little self-righteous speeches from… Continue Reading
  • Poems: A Selection by E. V. Ramakrishnan Posted in: Poetry GUHA, THE BOATMAN INTERROGATED ON SUSPICION Yes, the lord came this way Accompanied by his wife and brother, How did I know he is coming? I ferry travellers, and they discuss The latest news from Ayodhya. What else do you… Continue Reading
  • Poems: A Selection by Chandramohan S. Posted in: Poetry BEEF POEM (1) My harvest of poems Will be winnowed, If done deftly The lighter, shallow poems Are blown away, While the meatier, heavier poems Fall back into the tray, To become the fire In my belly like Beef. (2)… Continue Reading
  • Poems: A Selection by Bini B.S. Posted in: Poetry ARTFUL SUBJECTION Our emperor is no lion, He is a fox like the rest of us, He knows that we know it- And roars with laughter, Jeering at the futility of our knowledge. We admit, he is cleverer, He has… Continue Reading
  • Poems: A Selection by Ampat Koshy Posted in: Poetry STATUES AND PLACES OF WORSHIP I have lived to see the Bamiyan Buddha blown apart An Ambedkar wearing a garland of chappals A Gandhi defaced An Indira Gandhi's bust attacked A Lenin fall I lived to see the mosque in… Continue Reading
  • Poems: A Selection by Akhil Katyal Posted in: Poetry To the Soldier in Siachen Come back the snow is treacherous come back they are making you fight a treacherous war you were not born in snow you do not know snow, come back I do not want you to… Continue Reading
  • POEMS: A SELECTION by A.C. Sreehari Posted in: Poetry Smitha’s Death: A Flashback Even while you stripped off Your clothes one by one No one thought, dear Smitha! That you would strip off The drapes off your soul too, That, behind closed doors, You would do a cabaret On… Continue Reading
  • Poems: A Selection by Shanta Acharya Posted in: Poetry Addressing the human condition, my poems deal with the injustices, untruths, false hierarchies and exclusions prevalent in society, which essentially diminish our humanity, what we could be as human beings. I trust my poems speak for themselves, and do not… Continue Reading


  • Poems: A Selection by K. Satchidanandan Posted in: Poetry, Translation AN OLD POET’S SUICIDE NOTE  Walking in the dark I grew blind Wading across silence I turned deaf Teachers who speak ceaselessly about light, how far above is it? Prophets who taught me about revolution, how remote is it? My… Continue Reading

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