Volume 18, No. 2 – 2018

Volume 18, No. 2 - 2018


  • Nazm by Kishwar Naheed Posted in: Poetry I’ve found that men who wear perfumes Stink of insensitive relationships And dead courtesies. Tell them Beyond the horizons of the knowledge of words There is a wilderness If you enter that wilderness Wearing this same spirit based fragrance In… Continue Reading
  • Royal Throne by Famida Riaz Posted in: Poetry You qualified custodians of the elevated throne of power! What wisdom will you impart to me? You who show me the right path, understand this much You are ensconced on this high chair, and I stand on the earth You… Continue Reading
  • Exile by Zehra Nigah Posted in: Poetry This poem presents a remarkable alternative view of the Agni Pariksha of Sita in the Ramayana. Sita’s the talk of the town Barefoot on the flames, as she walks down. A goddess, if she emerges unscathed A sinner if the… Continue Reading
  • New day or Night Duty by SatSatyendra Nair Posted in: Poetry The spectacle was as loud as day, but the sky was naught, just the sun: Severed hands and severed heads hung like bags of memory over straight walled corridors; the phalanx of stacked days left as we arrived and carried… Continue Reading
  • Explaining Patents to Mother by S.S. Prasad Posted in: Poetry My mother asks me what are patents? My brother who is doing his Masters in the US tells her they have a high value there. She enquires if the sweat shirt I got for my invention is cosy enough and… Continue Reading
  • The Craft  by Nivedita Posted in: Poetry Voodoo and Witchcraft Always stirred the pit of my stomach. They say, it was started by desperate wanna-bes, Who never tasted the sweat and blood of a labourroom Their eyes pierced when they saw children laugh Or saw kids play… Continue Reading
  • Fleeting time by Durgesh Verma Posted in: Poetry Fleeting time digs a grave so deep. From the spade of pendulum which does sound like - tick. Sometimes we throw the pebbles of delusion into sediments of fate. Which leaves us speechless at the final end. When a foetal… Continue Reading
  • Rule of the Sirens by Bina Sarkar Ellias Posted in: Poetry for Rohith Vemula and JNU students like sirens wailing through night streets they steal the quiet haven inside your mind. not to alert you about the nation lying wounded in the ambulance of our youth's desperate protest but to scatter… Continue Reading
  • Plight Today by Geetika Datta Posted in: Poetry Tick-tock, tick-tock, she walks home at eight Condescending eyes boring into her, “’Tis far too late! “For ravishing, disobedient women must be taught a lesson, “Doesn’t matter what she wears, all hail x-ray vision!” Their shadows creep upon her and… Continue Reading
  • Hugs by S. Jagathsimhan Nair Posted in: Poetry After the 2004 Tsunami’s lethal hug, a mother-daughter duo stood locked in an inconsolable hug where their mud hut hours before stood. The ocean by now had hugged a state of deep depression. A bunch of young men sprang up… Continue Reading
  • An Ordinary day by Anju Sosan George Posted in: Poetry I heard him say, you stay at home all day. How you waste time, I’ve no clue. From morning to evening till I am back, With children off to the school, You’ve the house to your own. What you do… Continue Reading
  • Ko Ahom- Who am I? by Arzuman Ara Posted in: Poetry It is not I, but they named me Arzuman, an alien word that does not occur in my first language or second language- and they told me – “it is the brightest star in a cluster,” even before I was… Continue Reading
  • The Quest by Vanita Thakkar. Posted in: Poetry   History – A story Of past glory, A lesson Of time gone, Never undone, Of pride, Of might And insight Gained and hurt, Recovered and lost, Of heaping wants, Growing needs, Wild as weeds, Tall as trees …. Frozen… Continue Reading
  • Stub by Anish Vyavahare Posted in: Poetry Three men sit on a tree stub, wait for the bus where earlier all the men in the village gathered around the tree dipped sunsets in cups of chai paid for in bulk of months, the chaiwala kept impeccable accounts.… Continue Reading
  • Pesky Calls by Neerada Suresh Posted in: Poetry   Saw a missed call a while ago. Please do not call. You bug me. What is it this time-? A yawn in my face, a slurred declaration you are sleepy, might drop dead right away? Or a  ploy you… Continue Reading
  • Vidrohi by Ramashankar Yadav Posted in: Poetry Translated from the Hindi by Somrita Urni Ganguly Translating a Revolution Cultivating I am a farmer Hoarding seeds in the sky. Some people laugh, oh madman Raising rice in the skies! I sigh, oh madmen, If gods can grow on… Continue Reading
  • Quiet by Neerja Pathak Posted in: Poetry They gave me names One after the other, The girl put in casts One after the other. First, they called me good, I blinked and smiled, I bowed to all the temples they asked me to, Touched all the feet,… Continue Reading
  • I didn’t want to be a bird by Shahriar Ashraf Posted in: Poetry I didn’t want to be a bird; The times cowardly shackled, Utterance of walls, histories & silence born in machines, Meaningless mimicries of wonder, And the reminiscence of prayers- In this earth made me think that I want to be… Continue Reading
  • Kashmir Poems by Vir Kashmiri Posted in: Poetry for I am you and you within me in essence like scent within the flower the running water within the river the air within the atmosphere the song that echoes from within the nightingale or seasons which entail one after… Continue Reading
  • The ‘Great’ by Deena A. Padayachee Posted in: Poetry ’We teach our children to call Alexander ‘Great’, We honour Napoleon, We romanticise Roman conquest. We see our young mindlessly addicted to brutal computer games that are all about eliminating the devalued, ‘dispensable’, untermenschen ‘enemy’. We do not condemn the… Continue Reading

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