Volume 2, No. 1 – 2002

Volume 2, No. 1 - 2002




  • Sara Joseph and Gita Hiranyan – a Dialogue by SARA JOSEPH AND GITA HIRANYAN Posted in: Interview       One of the avowed intentions of Samyukta is to define feminism from the Indian context. Very few Malayalam writers have been so staunchly for feminism and the woman centered perspective as Sara Joseph. In her writings, Sara Joseph has always… Continue Reading


  • Urmila, I Remember you Still by NALINAKUMARI Posted in: Poetry Urmila, I remember you still The tears unshed, on the threshold, Turning those eyes swollen The smile on your lotus lips blossoming like a song of pain The firm feet settling to stillness; some sad message Awakening in the corner… Continue Reading
  • The Appointed hour by SHALMALEE PALEKAR Posted in: Poetry You arrive exactly at the appointed hour. You are in my room facing me silently as I emerge dripping from the shower. You say nothing. Only look at me with those cat eyes. Something rolls and sparks in my belly… Continue Reading
  • Secret rain & His love by KALPANA RENTALA Posted in: Poetry Eyes keep listening to the sound of the footsteps of those rain drops Ears keep seeing the wind shutting the window Dear restlessness continues to kiss the cheek Ocean of wet signatures continues to knock at the door There no… Continue Reading
  • Time and Space by S. JAYA Posted in: Poetry 1. A lone bower under the shining moon And in the shade, My heart sings like a beetle in monotone My words are fire flies, hot thoughts cut them into pieces Yet, I hear the incessant murmur of new born… Continue Reading
  • Anarkali by KEYA MAJUMDAR Posted in: Poetry I am the child of Hypocrisy. You call me Kali Gouri or Lakshmi You rob me of all the earthly glories, little dewy hopes fluttering aspirations— to be like any woman playing the normal one role-playing the ideal I stand… Continue Reading
  • On a Night under the American sky by MAMATHA KODIDELA Posted in: Poetry I open my eyes Dreamily from sleep With a feeling of ecstasy, To find myself Drenched in the moonlight That falls over me From the open window Suddenly I hear a distant muffle, My heart beats fast To find another… Continue Reading
  • Slanting Showers by ROSE MARY Posted in: Poetry The love of an old man Is like the slanting shower- It wets the blades of grass But penetrates not The thirsty root. It doesn't cause The boughs to tremble No vibration... It rustles down — A quiver Of arrow-like… Continue Reading


  • Tales of the Vetaal by B.CHANDRIKA Posted in: Fiction, Translation ONE The Vetaal As the hours of midnight ticked by, the Vetaal, hanging upside down on a branch of the coral tree in the graveyard, waited for the arrival of King Vikramaditya. Vikramaditya will have to come, for the story… Continue Reading
  • Remani by K. SARASWATHY AMMA Posted in: Fiction, Translation “Throw away that book, Santi,” said Sushama breaking the mid-noon silence below the casuarina tree in the Women’s College campus. Grabbing the copy of ‘Remanan’ from my hands and throwing it on the floor, she continued, “What’s there so much… Continue Reading
  • There is Quiet here now by GRACY Posted in: Fiction, Translation Her sorrows kept vigil with her in the darkness while, Meghanad sprawled, fast asleep, on the white bed spread. Before sleeping, Meghanad had told her that white sheets were something he insisted on, for all colours dissolved in white.To her,… Continue Reading
  • Your Younger Daughter by MUMTA KALIA Posted in: Fiction, Translation “Tuniya, run and post this letter.” “ Tuniya, bring cold water.” “ I’ve put milk on the gas. Remain near, Tuniya. Don’t do anything. When the milk starts boiling,turn the gas off.” All day Tuniya is running. Back from school,… Continue Reading

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