Volume 2, No. 2 – 2002

Volume 2, No. 2 - 2002




  • The Dregs of the day by SUJATA SANKRANTI Posted in: Fiction   The newspaper lies in a messy heap on the dining table. The sports page which had been pulled out by Ashish, has rolled down and settled on the carpet dogeared and stained. The tomato sauce has left a blood… Continue Reading
  • His Ways  by NEERADA SURESH Posted in: Fiction He was currently into Indology followed, neck to neck, by Egyptology. He kept his mind agile through unusual pursuits that placed him diagonally opposite unusual women and then he inched his way forward by a strategy he had perfected through… Continue Reading


  • Sugathakumari– Excerpts from an Interview by MARY NIRMALA Posted in: Interview  Renowned poetess and environmentalist of Kerala, Sugathakumari was born at Aranmula in January 1934. She is the second daughter of poet Bodheswaran and Prof. V. K. Karthiayani Amma. Soon after getting her Masters Degree in Philosophy, Sugatha Kumari devoted herself… Continue Reading


  • On this side of the, Night by KONDEPUDI NIRMALA Posted in: Poetry The true measure of night is night Night’s only claim is that it is night It’s necessary to push the night to the brink of dawn There’s no need to call the entwining of the four hands an embrace With… Continue Reading
  • Dependence & Faith,self and you by ELZY THARAMANGALAM Posted in: Poetry The hanging bridge Was indeed a thing of beauty. It always stood up To house its functions With a generosity of spirit Making it ever golden In the lore of the bards And the lute of the maiden The rainbow… Continue Reading
  • The Coiled Serpent in the Woman-body by RATI SAXENA Posted in: Poetry 1 Spinning and whirling like a top, bouncing up and down like a ball, she didn’t know a woman body lay coiled on her hissing taboos: she must not roam in her undergarments,. she must not bathe in the open,… Continue Reading
  • I have Passed through the Gates of Hell by SOUDAMINI Posted in: Poetry I have passed through the gates of hell and emerged with a prize beyond compare. Tenderness is all. It is not that some people learn the hard way. For everyone, to learn is hard. Now I know about the birds… Continue Reading
  • When I said that I Loved you by LEELA MAYOR Posted in: Poetry When I said that. I loved you I answered myself. Tissue departs from fractured bone I know not how to love To set you free When deep longing seeps Through Choline transmission. I stammered my way through another's love song… Continue Reading
  • The Wayside Dream: A Woman’s Point by ARATHY ASOK Posted in: Poetry Wishes to robe In new finery And adorn In rough blueness Walk astride To the shady tree Board an omnibus Crawling to town There to walk Some aimless stops Lifting your face To the smoky fumes Find a companion Lounging… Continue Reading
  • Grin and Bear It! Movies lie by ANURADHA SHYAM Posted in: Poetry At 13 History lies heavily As mama warns you Of boys in school And a mirror tells tales of acne And uncle next door suddenly Puts his hand...(you know where) And you know it’s bad, but you feel good On… Continue Reading


  • The Price by LALITHAMBIKA ANTHARJANAM Posted in: Fiction, Translation She sat before the inner sanctum of the Ardhanareeswara temple, binding koovala leaves into garlands. The young man asked, “What are these garlands for?” She said, “To adorn the deva. I sell them to devotees for a price.” “Give me… Continue Reading
  • Walls by VOLGA Posted in: Fiction, Translation   Irked by a headache Revati shuts the file. It’s three o’clock. “During winter, time doesn’t seem to move beyond three. So many hours before it’s five,” says Bharati, who is typing, next to her. Revati, smiling softly, says: “That’s… Continue Reading
  • Madness by B. M. ZUHARA Posted in: Fiction, Translation   She woke up as usual, hearing the alarm but did not feel like getting up. Her whole body smarted as if slashed by a blade. Her head felt as though it were weighed down by a boulder. This uneasiness… Continue Reading
  • The post Modern body by P. SURENDRAN Posted in: Fiction, Translation   Honored Guests on the Dais, My dear Listeners, I do not quite understand why I have been invited to inaugurate a lecture on the postmodern body. Those who know me not, should know that though my name is preceded… Continue Reading


  • Lanka Lakshmi by C.N. SREEKANTAN NAIR Posted in: Drama The plays of C.N.Sreekantan Nair ushered in a change in the Kerala theatre scene. Lankalakshmi is the second play of a trilogy of plays on Rama, the hero of the Ramayana. The first of the plays is titled Saketham and… Continue Reading

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