Volume 3, No. 2 – 2003

Volume 3, No. 2 - 2003


  • Introduction: English by Malashri Lal Posted in: Literature & Literary Studies, Articles            “Women in India have traditionally been tellers of tales.”        Lakshmi Holmstrom        Anthologising short stories is an act of conservation. It is also an act of faith. Short stories appear mostly in magazines, journals and newspapers which have a… Continue Reading
  • Introduction: North by Anamika Posted in: Literature & Literary Studies, Articles Like their counterparts in other languages, women writers of fiction in North India have also played a crucial role in sensitizing the public about the various issues related to women. Feminist discourse has been kept alive in the many journals… Continue Reading
  • Introduction: South by Alladi Uma Posted in: Literature & Literary Studies, Articles To homogenise writers from different languages and to further look for similarities between writers in the same language is perhaps to commit a grave injustice to literary traditions of a language and the individuality of writers within a tradition. When… Continue Reading
  • Introduction: East by Sanjukta Dasgupta Posted in: Literature & Literary Studies, Articles These stories written in three regional languages are about concern, commitment, sensitization and negotiation. The narratives enshrine that inimitable nuance that women writers instill into their gendered scripting of their views and vision of the micro and macro spaces of… Continue Reading
  • Introduction: West by Shirin Kudchedkar Posted in: Literature & Literary Studies, Articles Introduction: West Introduction: West         It is by the late nineteenth century that women writers show an active presence in the field of Gujarati literature. For the earlier as well as the later women writers, the impulse… Continue Reading


  • The Remains of the Feast by GITHA HARIHARAN Posted in: Fiction The room still smells of her. Not as she did when she was dying, an overripe smell that clung to everything that had touched her, sheets, saris, hands. She had been in the nursing home for only ten days but… Continue Reading
  • Chocolate by MANJU KAPUR Posted in: Fiction Tara was fat. Her husband made it clear that it didn’t do his image any good to have her waddling around, jiggling rolls of flesh. “I don’t waddle,” she said, hurt. “You do,” said Abhay and that was the end… Continue Reading
  • Independence day by SHASHI DESHPANDE Posted in: Fiction   They have all gone leaving me alone here. This is how I had wanted it; nevertheless, I am surprised that they went away so easily. I had expected them to demur, to urge a little , to try and… Continue Reading
  • The Warp and the weft by SUJATA SANKRANTI Posted in: Fiction No strength left. Even to toss and turn. The coarse bed-covers, stiffly starched, feel prickly and strain against the wasted cage-like body. Never knew I had such an angular frame. Folds of flesh, which once sat pretty on me, hugging… Continue Reading
  • The Village by SUMA JOSSON Posted in: Fiction   It was dark when I stepped out of the bus. The conductor closed the door, waved out to me and signaled to the driver. In the distance, I saw the faint, pink glow of the village. I flashed the… Continue Reading
  • Something Barely Remembered by SUSAN VISWANATHAN Posted in: Fiction   When chako came to live in a small village in the hills of North Malabar, the people took to him at once. He was a tall man, thin, a little stooped, and his beard was so long it touched… Continue Reading
  • Stench of Kerosene by AMRITA PRITAM Posted in: Fiction   Outside, a mare neighed. Guleri recognised the neighing and ran out of the house. The mare was from her parents’ village. She put her head against its neck as if it were the door of her father’s house. Guleri’s… Continue Reading
  • The Verdict  by MAITREYI PUSHPA Posted in: Fiction Respected Master Sahib, Pranaam! You may have heard the news already; if you haven’t you probably will, before my letter reaches you three days from now. The results of the elections were announced today. How did all this happen? I… Continue Reading
  • A Woman is born by MRIDULA GARG Posted in: Fiction   Whenever Uma thought of that woman, she was gripped with fear. The woman, who had lived in this house and died in this room and on this very bed giving birth to a child. It had, of course, occurred… Continue Reading
  • Twilight by KANA BASU MISHRA Posted in: Fiction, Fiction, Translation   This armchair is an old companion; it is even twenty years older than this house. It has been a companion for sixty years. When Amarnath was a young man he did not give his heart away to any Lady;… Continue Reading


  • Ali Baba’s Death by AJEET COUR Posted in: Fiction, Translation   Eventually that man who was a lesser human being because he was one from that faceless crowd which runs the basic network of offices, one of the marginal creatures called clerks jumped from the topmost floor of his Town… Continue Reading
  • Pret Yoni by CHITRA MUDGAL Posted in: Fiction, Translation   “Didi, get up fast - Babuji’s calling you from the balcony!” Neetu’s younger sister Chinki shook her arm hard, in panic. It took a lot of effort to penetrate the deep slumber that had overtaken her. Truly sound sleep… Continue Reading
  • Annachi by BAMA Posted in: Fiction, Translation “This one is not a straight one, I’d say. His father and mother meek as meek can be and they put up with this mule and no-gooder.” Madathil would have gone on, angry and whining but Muthurattinam wished to pipe… Continue Reading
  • Hawk Cuckoos by DAMAYANTI Posted in: Fiction, Translation Dear Srinivas, This is Yashoda. Sometimes writing a letter gives comfort. Need not face the opponent. Don’t have to look into the eyes. If eyes gaze, mind will speak the truth. That’s why, this letter. It is dawn. Like bouncing… Continue Reading
  • The Outer Aspects by GRACY Posted in: Fiction, Translation   The train got ready to go, warming up the rails seeped in the cold of solitude. When the station started to hum with activity, the train felt within the unfolding of a colorful Indian dream. The distant stretches of… Continue Reading
  • The Accused by JEELANI BANO Posted in: Fiction, Translation   Is it the power of his glasses that has changed or the world around him…. Nisar rubs his eyes again and again…everything is moving away from its place…getting further and further away, far, far, slippery…familiar faces can not be… Continue Reading
  • The lost Neelambari by KAMALA SURAIYYA Posted in: Fiction, Translation   Thirty-three years had gone by and Dr Subhadra Devi, the eminent surgeon, was back in Madurai in search of something she had lost. But if someone were to ask her what it was that she missed, she would have… Continue Reading
  • Silence! Silence!! by MUDIGANTI SUJATA REDDY Posted in: Fiction, Translation Once upon a time, there was a princess. A demon carried her away and imprisoned her in a single-pillared mansion. A prince came along, killed the demon and freed her. Sukanya repeatedly recollects this story that her paternal grandmother had… Continue Reading
  • Seemantha by NAGAVENI H. Posted in: Fiction, Translation   Sita was all ready to leave for Kalavara with her father to attend the seemantha ceremony. As she held her father’s right hand and walked, excitement overflowed her little steps. How long had she waited to witness the grandeur… Continue Reading
  • The Nectar of the Panguru Flower by P.VALSALA Posted in: Fiction, Translation   Yawning, Basavan nestled his head on the lap of his new bride. The light had unfolded. The village basked in the tender warmth of the sun. The roof seemed to cut the sky into squares. The villagers had urged… Continue Reading
  • When this body Encircles me by SARA JOSEPH Posted in: Fiction, Translation Does an experience occur after one reads about another of a similar nature in a story or does a story take birth in the wake of experiences? Whatever be Radhamony’s experience, Murukesan affirms that he raped Radhamony, not on account… Continue Reading
  • Silsila by SHAJAHANA Posted in: Fiction, Translation   “Sister, I may be poor. But I will look after the guest lovingly even if I land up in debts, won’t I? Why don’t you send Munni during summer vacation, at least this time? I don’t have girls. I’ll… Continue Reading
  • Battlefield by ANITA AGNIHOTRI Posted in: Fiction, Translation   What happens when human beings are inconsiderate? Well…. Then? What then? Did you see yourself what Jhuma did this morning -- what about it? The mustard fields were on one side, the sugarcane on the other. The mud on… Continue Reading
  • Promita and I by BANI BASU Posted in: Fiction, Translation   I have married Promita. How surprising! I have actually married Promita. Just returning from the registry office. Promita does not like a ceremonial wedding, nor do I. A topor for the head, a garland round the neck, sandal paste… Continue Reading
  • The girl in a blue Jainsem by BIJOYA SAWIAN Posted in: Fiction, Translation   In March the winds blow hard in these hills, crisp and cold, defying the early-spring sun. Riiaka, eyes half shut, clutched her sheaf of papers and her handbag tightly and braved the wind with determined steps. She had no… Continue Reading
  • The Offspring by INDIRA GOSWAMI Posted in: Fiction, Translation   Pitambar Mahajan was sitting in front of his house. His shoes were covered with a thick layer of mud, but he did not remove them. He looked at them with pride, he and the Gossain of the Satra were… Continue Reading
  • Twilight by KANA BASU MISHRA Posted in: Fiction, Fiction, Translation   This armchair is an old companion; it is even twenty years older than this house. It has been a companion for sixty years. When Amarnath was a young man he did not give his heart away to any Lady;… Continue Reading
  • The Student of Nalanda University by NIRUPAMA BARGOHAIN Posted in: Fiction, Translation   Mr. and Mrs. Barua at last agreed to listen to the advice of their friends Mr. and Mrs. Chaudhury. “If you want to keep a servant you must follow us. Agree to educate him. Search for a boy who… Continue Reading
  • The Untouchable God by PRATIBHA RAY Posted in: Fiction, Translation   How prim and proper were our beginnings when unclothed and unmindful, men could roam freely! How secure and generous was the age when without shelter, society and civilisation, man lived innocent at heart -- a complete denizen of the… Continue Reading
  • Atmaja by SUCHITRA BHATTACHARYA Posted in: Fiction, Translation   Ma left us today. A while ago she entered the mouth of the electric stove. Burning. Rapidly getting erased from the world. I still can’t believe it. When I left for office in the morning, everything was okay. As… Continue Reading
  • Writing a Biography by AMBIKA SIRKAR Posted in: Fiction, Translation Evening. It was nearing five. Finishing her tea, Tarabai got up, pressing a painful knee with one hand. She stood gazing out of the window. The long sloping road was crowded with buses and cars. The noise of the traffic… Continue Reading
  • “Are you Coming, Suhas?” by DHIRUBEHN PATEL Posted in: Fiction, Translation Aditya’s footsteps came to a halt. He didn’t want to eavesdrop. But what could he do if he happened to overhear something? And after that if one’s feet just wouldn’t move, what could a man do? A thrill of joy… Continue Reading
  • An Auspicious day by HIMANSHI SHELAT Posted in: Fiction, Translation   It was impossible to get home on time that day. Crowds on the streets, police vans rushing to and fro, food stalls and shops on fire, the fire engine’s siren rising and falling, everywhere the sound of running feet.… Continue Reading
  • Asaadi by JAYANTI NAIK Posted in: Fiction, Translation   Bab Yelap had been extremely busy since early morning. He’d finish one chore and start on another at once, yet his work didn’t seem to get done. He’d woken up early that morning and without waiting even to wash… Continue Reading
  • That Other life by SANIYA Posted in: Fiction, Translation   From the moment she got up in the morning, the headache started. It was now days, perhaps months, since she had realized that her head ached incessantly. At first she tried to ignore it. Then she made do with… Continue Reading

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