Volume 4, No. 1 – 2004

Volume 4, No. 1 - 2004





  • Pieta by CATHERINE THANKAMMA Posted in: Fiction   The sculpture on top of the hill was the result of Thundiyil Paily’s European tour. Finished in concrete and painted white, it is modelled on the Pieta. The parishioners didn’t take to it. Except for an occasional passer-by who… Continue Reading



  • Prescription for Glasses by SHANTA ACHARYA Posted in: Poetry The optician adorned me with asteroid spectacles, taking away my sight before restoring it back to me. I was made to read the alphabets on his electric screen, first with one eye and then the other but not with both;… Continue Reading
  • This Time Soorpanaka by SOUDAMINI Posted in: Poetry This time Soorpanaka approached Site directly seeking ltd eliminate the primary obstacle. Not io be outdone the gentle Sita looked her in the eye and said, ‘Perhaps you, can get me the golden deer.’ Soorpanaka nodded. Glad to have entered… Continue Reading
  • Song of the Slave by BINI B.S Posted in: Poetry You aided me. In miracle manufacturing Like a feeling machine I authored your verse and voiced your songs. I reaped gold and green From your arid fields Sterile fury of your fading affections; and The torment of fake love were… Continue Reading
  • The Seventh Daughter by SUNIL GANGOPADHYAY Posted in: Poetry The Seventh one, Why did you have to barge In the house where the kitchen chimney is perennially cold? The little body afloat on the still water of the pond. Exclaimed the trees all around craning downward, Doesn’t she resemble… Continue Reading
  • Pushed out by ROSARY ROYAR Posted in: Poetry Before I could be nine months old My mom’s womb pushed me out After nine days on earth behold My mom’s hands strangled me about My scream encased me in the earth to be old. In school I was a… Continue Reading
  • Properties of Rapture by KUTTY REVATHY Posted in: Poetry Enraptured like a butterfly Drawing deep on nectar, You confront In the sweat from a sudden halt Of wind, time, and the current of dreams. Your room's oppressive fracture, Suffused with the skin-glow Of a cobra, its hood aloft You… Continue Reading


  • Parangodi Parinayam by KIZHAKKEPPATTU RAMANKUTTY MENON Posted in: Novel, Translation Preface Novel books in the Malayalam language being absolutely nil, I have been trying for a long time to write and publish such books so that I can earn the name, ‘the first Malayalam novel writer’, just as the great… Continue Reading
  • Agni by S. SITHARA Posted in: Fiction, Translation   Cycling was not something that Priya was exactly fond of. But then, at times, by the time she finished the typing in her office, it would be dark. On such days a cycle certainly did come in handy. Priya… Continue Reading
  • The Vein of Memory by K. R. MEERA Posted in: Fiction, Translation   Her sound resembled that made by rusted hinges. A violet coloured vein stood out challengingly on her wrinkled neck. Straightening her spectacles a bit, the old woman asked without any particular introduction, ‘Do you write, dear?’ The girl did… Continue Reading
  • Worldly Wisdom by BAMA Posted in: Fiction, Translation   The village of Mettucheri was bustling with activity that day.  Enquiries revealed that an M.L.A was expected. A decorated pandal had been put up in front of the temple. From tiny tots to elders, everyone was roaming here and there with… Continue Reading
  • Lanka Lakshmi by C.N.Sreekantan Nair Posted in: Drama, Translation Volume II number 2 and volume III number 1 of Samyukta carried Act I and Act II of Lanka Lakshmi, Sri C.N. Sreekantan Nair’s dramatic rendering of the war episodes of the Ramayana from the point of view of Ravana… Continue Reading
  • The Dilemma by DIVYA MATHUR Posted in: Fiction, Translation   The bleeding heart -- it scares us all. That cry for help could have been my own! The very thought sends a chill up the spine. Perhaps, the pain of these tender, unguarded moments binds us all. Ashok was… Continue Reading
  • Tarantula by C.S. CHANDRIKA Posted in: Fiction, Translation As she talked, Amma’s eyes scanned the room: ’There’s a fly !’ The fly swat she held came down with force... a fly‘s corpse lay on the teapoy. We were sitting in the drawing toom, drinking tea. Amma held her… Continue Reading

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