Volume 4, No. 2 – 2004

Volume 4, No. 2 - 2004





  • Summons by INDIRA VARMA Posted in: Fiction An end always denotes a beginning. When life ends in one form it begins in another. So death is the beginning of life. Amba lay in bed, slowly preparing to give up her life of fairly long duration, to enter… Continue Reading
  • Corpse Keshavan by USHA RAJAGOPALAN Posted in: Fiction He hated both – his job and his name but could change neither. Keshavan carted corpses for a living, interring unclaimed bodies irrespective of their religion. They were those who lived and died as numbers in the census records. Most… Continue Reading


  • A Lesbian cow by INDU MENON Posted in: Fiction, Translation A column of sunlight, resembling smoke in its movement, had fallen into the bathroom through the glass ventilator. While taking her bath, Mehrunnisa often squirmed like a child. And every time she did so, the ray of light, awakening her… Continue Reading
  • The Bird in the Snow by MANASI Posted in: Fiction, Translation On a cold noon of January, I reclined on the bed, recounting a story to the children. Beyond the thin blue curtains of the bedroom was the pale sky. Near me were the bright faces of my children. Though their… Continue Reading
  • Puttum Kadalayum by SREEBALA K. MENON Posted in: Fiction, Translation They boarded a Pallavan Transport bus parked at Paris Corner bus depot, he through the front door, she through the back one. He sat down in the seat just behind the driver, she in the long seat at the back.… Continue Reading
  • Saketam by . N. Sreekantan Nair Posted in: Drama, Translation Characters Dasarathan Vasishtan Sumanthrar Guhan SreeRaman Lakshmanan Sutradharan Kausalya Kaikeyi Sita Mandhara atha kena prayukto ‘yam pâpam charati pûrushah anichchhann api vârshneya balâd iva niyojitah (The Bhagavad Gita. III-36. Then impelled by what does man lead such a life of… Continue Reading
  • The Crisis of Religion in Modern Times by KUNTALA KUMARI SABAT Posted in: Speech, Translation Undoubtedly the most versatile and accomplished of the literary women of the early period in Orissa, Kuntala Kumari Sabat’s (1901-1938) claim to fame is meteoric as well as tragic.  Born to Christian parents, Daniel (a physician) and Monica, Kuntala spent… Continue Reading

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