Volume 6, No. 1 – 2006

Volume 6, No. 1 - 2006



  • The South Bank Show by SHANTA ACHARYA Posted in: Fiction Simplicity is all, she told herself imitating King Lear’s ripeness is all. That Shakespearean play formed part of her initiation rites on arrival in England a quarter century ago. It was the King’s homelessness, the complete reversal of his fortune… Continue Reading
  • Wind Chimes by HARMISTHA GHOSH Posted in: Fiction The wind chimes made a tinkling note. Its music continued. Soft, soothing. . . sweeter than the jaltarang. The cold breeze had stopped. The aluminium pipes of the wind chimes were still vibrating. Monica’s eyes were fixed on them. The… Continue Reading


  • Love Songs in the Atharva veda by RATI SAXENA Posted in: Poetry Abstract: The paper looks into the symbolisms found in the love songs in Atharva Veda. The aspects of change in the idea of love between man and woman ever since their growth towards urbanisation are considered. Relation between love and… Continue Reading
  • I am the poet (Inspired by Debjani Chatterjee’s poem, was that Woman’) by USHA KISHORE Posted in: Poetry I am the poet, who travels in and out of time; my songs are here for you to sing – From the farthest Himalayas, my voice echoes and re-bounds on your chalky cliffs and slate filled seas... I make you… Continue Reading
  • I am a Woman by PARINEETHA SHETTY Posted in: Poetry I am a woman, I guard my orifices most assiduously. My flesh and fluids were contoured into feminine being when a phantom trespasser drew the thresholds of my body with his footprints. He is always already waiting there to violate… Continue Reading
  • The Fluid Female by BINI SAJIL Posted in: Poetry He demands my femininity In its undiluted fullness I am taken, sip by sip Relished like a stiff drink He finishes me In slow mouthfuls With a measured malice Makes me empty Not a droplet is left of me Untouched… Continue Reading


  • Ahalya by N.S. MADHAVAN Posted in: Fiction, Translation Infinity was never so endless in childhood. It was the place where the parallel rail tracks faded away into the mist flitting in the sunlight when one looked southward from Ernakulam Junction Railway Station. And future was a train which… Continue Reading
  • The Scream of the Earth by P. SURENDRAN Posted in: Fiction, Translation Bangarappa will not return from the hills with this barber's knife. The knife that was used to shave the head of the female sinner should be thrown in the holy water of the pond. Let all the sins and the… Continue Reading
  • Sleepless in Wyanad by P. VALSALA Posted in: Autobiography, Translation The following is an autobiographical extract written by one of the foremost women writers of Malayalam, P Valsala. Valsala is noted for her empathy with the adivasis of Wyanad whose tales she had written in Malayalam to the acclaim of… Continue Reading
  • Saketam by C.N.SREEKANTAN NAIR Posted in: Drama, Translation This is the concluding part of Saketam. The play ends with the death of Dasarathan, who dies peacefully visualising ‘a sun that out grows the firmament.’ Act III Sutradharan: The huge drums have frozen to silence in Ayodhya. Like shadows… Continue Reading
  • Liaison by K. P. SUDHEERA Posted in: Fiction, Translation Bhargavi was no longer young. She blushed with a seasoned beauty and dignity, lent by youth and middle age together. That exactly was the constant source of anxiety for Krishnanasari. Her guts and the mien of a war-horse! At times… Continue Reading

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