Volume 6, No. 2 – 2006

Volume 6, No. 2 - 2006



  • A Woman Named Madri by ALISTAIR PADMA Posted in: Fiction The moon gleamed peacefully. It was the night of the full-moon, the pournami. Hastinapura was bathed in silver beams. Pandu looked wistful. Ile had wanted to spend the evening with Kunti. It was so long since he had had any… Continue Reading


  • Chrysanthemums by NEERADA Posted in: Poetry He always came when the chrysanthemums bloomed, not a deliberately timed arrival though. The staked, serrated white blooms stark white in the darkening winter dusk he hardly noticed. Ushering him in, her bashful glance, trembling fingers, split second confusion he… Continue Reading
  • Sickle Hammer Star by ANITHA THAMPI Posted in: Poetry Sickle Joins the crescent In the heavens. Star returns to the eyes of children. Hammer alone, aching from an unromantic genesis, starts blowing on the nail heads fated to hang history in pictures. FIGURING You: A dot of sun I:… Continue Reading


  • When the Horse Spoke by CHUDAMANI Posted in: Fiction, Translation Fear gripped her voice, when the ceramic horse smiled and said ‘hello. Ma, the horse is talking! She began to wail aloud. Maragatham rushed to hug her daughter. Sobs quivered in the folds of her sari. My dear, oh my… Continue Reading
  • Yellow is the Colour of Longing by K. R. MEERA Posted in: Fiction, Translation She had jaundice. Really. So everything looked yellow to her. The streaks of grey in his hair, his intelligent eyes, his well-clipped, clean nails, everything. And he had a new strain of viral fever. So her curly hair, pale cheeks… Continue Reading
  • My Death by CATHERINE THANKAMMA Posted in: Fiction, Translation Though I taught in a school for ten to fifteen years, I just don’t know how to tell a story or describe an incident in an interesting way .You see my subject was mathematics. I always thought things out carefully--added… Continue Reading
  • Sitara Speaks by SREEDEVI K. NAIR Posted in: Interviews, Translation Sreedevi K Nair in conversation with Sitara, a frontline short story writer in Malayalam. As a writer what do you write and for what? I write what I feel like writing. If you ask me why I write, frankly, I… Continue Reading
  • Panthi Bhojanam by SANTHOSH ECHIKANAM Posted in: Fiction, Translation Susan Immanuel, whom her friends called the traveling restaurant, dismantled the various containers of her tiffin carrier one by one and placed them on the table. Remya Nair fished out kovakka mezhukku puratti and chilli kondattam from underdone matta rice.… Continue Reading
  • Voices of History by VOLGA Posted in: Fiction, Translation Ms Popuri Lalitha Kumari (b 1950), better known as Volga, is a famous name in the field of contemporary Telugu literature. Besides authoring several novels, most notably Sahaja, Akasamlo Sagam, Gulabilu, Manavi and Kanneeti Keratala Vennela, and short story collections,… Continue Reading
  • Ye Trees, Swaying Ramblers by ANVAR Posted in: Poetry, Translation Ye, ancient tales that once cast shadow tents along the blue grassland* trails Satis who dived into every drop of pyre to seize a thousand suns Stiff blocks, tough to the chisel Young shoots ignorant of the tang of soil… Continue Reading

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