Volume 7, No. 1 – 2007

Volume 7, No. 1 - 2007



  • Kurukshetram by AYYAPPA PANIKER Posted in: Poetry, Translation Keywords: romantic poetry, Malayalam poetry, Kurushetram, modernism, Malayalam translations Ayyappa Paniker came to be counted as one of the most notable poets in. Kerala after the publication of Kurukshetram', the first modernist poem in Malayalam. Kurukshetram' is central in Paniker's… Continue Reading
  • Southbound by AYYAPPA PANIKER Posted in: Poetry, Translation   Keywords: Malayalam poetry, Malayalam translation, aspects of life, concept of love, death, romantic imagery Ayyappa Parliker's Gotrayanam’ translated into English as Southbound) belongs to the period 1985 - 1989. Extolled as an. epic for its theme relating to. the… Continue Reading
  • Poetry at Midnight by AYYAPPA PANICKER Posted in: Poetry, Translation Abstract: The 62-poem anthology Poetry at Midnight is a translation of ‘Pathuntanipookal’ that Ayyappa Paniker published in the middle of 2004, four and a half decades after Kurukshetram and fifteen years after Gothrayanam, the saga of humanity.’ In between he… Continue Reading

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