Volume 7, No. 2 – 2007

Volume 7, No. 2 - 2007



  • Stanley by ATIMA SRIVASTAVA Posted in: Fiction ATIMA SRIVASTAVA There she is, she walks. Little girl. Bones. That blue nylon dress. What did they use to call it? Crimplene. The bodice is fitted. Although there are no curves on her, the skirt flares carelessly, the material can’t… Continue Reading



  • Selected Poems from Mûturai and Naḻvali of Avvaiya by THOMAS H. PRUIKSMA Posted in: Poetry Love Generosity : A Translator’s Note on Avvaiyar Children in Tamil Nadu grow up reading Avvaiyar, a poet whose work scholars usually place in the 12th century. You can often hear grade-school students repeating after their teachers the opening statements… Continue Reading
  • Thiruppavai of Aandaal: the song of the Maidens by SHOBHA RAMASAMY Posted in: Poetry The Naalayira-divya Prabandham is the sacred collection of 4000 hymns of the twelve alwars or the saint-Poets of the bhakti school of Sri Vaishnavism. The prabandham is divided into four parts --Mudhalaayiram, Thirumozhi, Thiruvaaimozhi and Iyarrpa. The different parts explain… Continue Reading
  • Morning & Other Poems by SRIVIDYA SIVAKUMAR Posted in: Poetry companions on my early morning ride milkmen ladies taught by lady and i to put education in unwilling heads who have reluctantly left their unyielding beds early morning joggers with pot bellies to hide dogs in hoary colours brown black… Continue Reading
  • Poems by MANI RAO Posted in: Poetry My mother came home one day without her uterus. The doctor took it out. Like someone heard me say Let’s act it out, act it out physically. I was the baby who never cried The snake on your breast who… Continue Reading


  • The Offering by NALINI BAKEL Posted in: Fiction, Translation I felt that the mornings were monotonous. That was why I began to long for the evenings. Now that I am a patient, I stand amazed as the strong line of defence ebbs away. I make tasty food and drape… Continue Reading
  • The Journey by P. SREEKALA Posted in: Poetry, Translation That day too, Ashok had gone away after a quarrel. As he left, he kicked a stool out of his way. The stool that was thrown against the wall seemed to lend an emphasis to his protest. She was also… Continue Reading

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