Volume 8, No. 2 – 2008

Volume 8, No. 2 - 2008



  • Suicide by Rajalakshmi Posted in: Fiction ‘Taking one’s own life - surely that’s a sign of cowardice. -of inadequacy and cowardice.’ ‘I won’t grant you that it’s cowardice. Is it cowardice to throw yourself before a moving train?’ ‘Oh, no, brave of you, then? Just go… Continue Reading
  • The Apology by Rajalakshmi Posted in: Fiction ‘So the most disgusting of pronouns is-‘ She paused. ‘She!’ It came from a bench in the back. The class fell silent. The young teacher turned pale. The most hated pronoun in the language. ‘She!’ The class consisted of only… Continue Reading
  • The Defeated one by Rajalakshmi Posted in: Fiction Nirmala quickly pulled her hand away. The papers slipped out of his hands and fell on the table with a “pish” sound. She quietly picked them up and rose to her feet. ‘Well, get those changes made.’ ‘Yes.’ She stepped… Continue Reading
  • A Teacher is Born by Rajalakshmi Posted in: Fiction ‘Ravi died here in the isolation ward yesterday.’ Her younger brother brought the letter to her as she came out of the kitchen wiping her hand on her saree. Express delivery. She opened the envelope after signing her name against… Continue Reading
  • The Daughter by Rajalakshmi Posted in: Fiction 1 Sarada hugged the bag a little closer. Two currency notes must be laughing away to themselves among assorted papers and all in it. Blue, brand-new ones! This was the first time she ever made such a tidy sum at… Continue Reading
  • A Pretty girl and her pals by Rajalakshmi Posted in: Fiction A room in a busy office where about two hundred people of all sorts – married and unmarried, men and women - worked. The time was 11 o’clock in the morning. A twenty-six-year-old I.A.S. officer had assumed charge. That was… Continue Reading
  • The Curse by Rajalakshmi Posted in: Fiction ‘Ramsaran, who is that girl?’ ‘She must be the priest’s daughter. He lives nearby.’ ‘Bhargavacharya’s?’ ‘Yes, my Lord.’ ‘Surprising! A rose on a blade of darbha grass.’ ‘I have heard that the maiden’s mother was extremely beautiful.’ ‘Is she no… Continue Reading
  • A Winding Sheet for Mathai by Rajalakshmi Posted in: Fiction Ever since I could remember, he had looked the same. Dark, tall, spare bodied. Long limbs and taut muscles. Just like a statue chiseled out of rosewood. No one could say for sure how old he was. They say he… Continue Reading
  • In the Abode of God by Rajalakshmi Posted in: Fiction All that I had striven to build through the years lay shattered around me. My pride would not let me bend and pick up the bits and pieces. Pride-what a meaningless word! My sandcastle, which I myself fashioned and set… Continue Reading
  • History did not Repeat Itself by Rajalakshmi Posted in: Fiction ‘Someone wants to meet you, Sir. He’s been waiting for sometime now, ‘ Raman Nair said, while sorting out the day’s mail and placing it before me. ‘Tell him I can’t.’ ‘I did. I told him he ought to have… Continue Reading
  • Mistakes by Rajalakshmi Posted in: Fiction She had expected the manager to be alone in his room. Flanking the table and facing each other, sat two other men. ‘Take your seat, please.’ She sat facing the manager. ‘I had meant to come as soon as I… Continue Reading
  • Handkerchief by Rajalakshmi Posted in: Fiction I have never seen him. I’m not going to either. He was my brother’s friend. All I know of him is from what I have been told by Rajettan. Early teens are an age when girls hero-worship their elder brothers.… Continue Reading

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