Volume 9, No. 1 – 2009

Volume 9, No. 1 - 2009



  • A Conversation with K. Satchidanandan by RIZIO RAJ Posted in: Interview Keywords: Ayyappa Paniker, modernism, series poem, Malayalam literature, Malyalam modern poetry, women’s emancipation Your early poetry shows strong strains of melancholy, morbidity and skepticism: could you please explain their sources? My first collection of poems, Anchusooryan (Five Suns,1971)is indeed dominated… Continue Reading


  • Gandhi and the Tree by K.SATCHIDANANDAN Posted in: Poetry Gandhi was walking in the sun that had survived Naokhali. ‘Come, have some rest.’ Gandhi turned back: It was a shady tree. ‘You? It is not yet time for me to rest, ‘replied Gandhi. The tree complained: ‘The world is… Continue Reading
  • Prayer by SHANTA ACHARYA Posted in: Poetry Praise the sun, powerful yet unwavering in its journey across the sky, light pulsing through clouds, mists; life sustaining. Praise the earth as it moves on its axis; inner and outer cores holding on to each other, partners on the… Continue Reading


  • To the Workplace by ANTHARJANA SAMAJAM Posted in: Translation Characters Devaki: A high school girl who is carried away by modern, fashionable and luxurious life. Yet she is sincere and idealistic. Parvathy: Another high school girl. She is eager to lead an independent life dedicated to social service. Savithri:… Continue Reading
  • My Story or the life Journey of a Young Malayali Woman by VINAYA Posted in: Autobiography, Translation A few admire her for her grit and self-confidence. Some condemn her for her brazen outspokenness. Many call her a stormy petrel. Others dismiss her as a seeker of cheap fame. Whatever the impression she leaves on people’s minds, whatever… Continue Reading

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