I took pride in being a

Bonsai Shrub, well nurtured,

In a costly pot, kept inside,

Sometimes out in the sun light,

To inhale and exhale, not to

Open the e yes and look around;

“Don’t, don’t, look, but don’t see,

Talk, but no sense, cry but not

So loud, smile, but don’t see,

Talk, but no sense, cry but not

So loud, smile, but don’t laugh.

Walk softly. Softly. You a girl,

Grow into a lady,” placed, insipid,

Empty, soulless. They pruned me

Here and there, to suit

Their whims and designs.

One extra nipped off,

One stem moved to sunlight,

Twisted sidewards, just enough

Food only; will grow big, No,

That’s not dainty, lady like.

Make bread and win bread,

Yet be soft spoken lady, and

A less charming human being too .

Raised questions, they all raised

Their penciled eyebrows, and

The gods their thundering voice,

Down, down you. The voice itself

Stunted me, even my nipples

Retracted to the rib cage,

Taaooed myself into a question

Into their conscience, but alas!

They are devoid of it.

“Be a good Christian”, “I will,

Not now, when am pretty

Well over seventy, now

Who wants to miss life?

If being good is, otherworldly

Life, not for me. Even after

Only because am afraid of hell-fire.”

They all looked aghast, oh!

Oh! Don’t, don’t, don’t

What to do? What to do?

They wailed. I echoed.

Burned my blasphemous words

And fed me on the ashes.

I grew into a prized Bonsai.

I dare not take a leap,

Pressed myself more into their

Designs. Lesser the doubts,

More the amusements.

I grew into a well shaped

Bonsai – They all took pride in me.

Ceremoniously handed me over to

A gallant gardener. He too started

His own pruning and shedding.

I writhed under the touch,

Came out unhurt, unbled,

The knife so sharp, yet. Only

A good Bonsai lives after ttie pruning.

He took pride in me. I too.

A grand feast of womanliness

Hosted by macho manliness.

“Satisfy the bunger of your

God, me, but not yours,

You don’t have any, be seductive

And keep me to you always,

Or sirens and temptresses will,

Take me off, poor me, I am

Over animated, you soothe me,

Give me only sons,

Pray for my life, be a sumangali,

Your life is through me, after me

You are burned alive in the

Routine life.” I received

The lessons. Nodded my tiny head.

He fondly patted me. The

Bonsai life gave me an

Illusory security, paraded it

Before the less fortunate.

“A well brought up Bonsai” He took pride in me. I too.

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