Gendered Nationalism And The Sri Lankan War: Reading Select Representations


  • Preethu P



Sri Lankan war, Gender, Nationalism, Gendered Nationalism, Sri Lankan Cinema


The Sri Lankan Civil War, spanning more than a quarter of a century, witnessed brutal violence and gross violations of basic human rights in the name of establishing a quintessential ethnic identity. The raisons d'être were various, as were perspectives. This paper tries to look at the event from the lens of 'gendered nationalism', in which the role of gender (particularly the feminine) is studied via analyses of its different performances and representations in shaping the concept of nationhood. How female bodies and stereotypes of feminity coincided with the concept of nationalism is studied, reading events and representations.

Author Biography

Preethu P

Dr. Preethu P is an aspiring writer and translator from Thiruvananthapuram. She completed her doctoral research in English Literature at St.Teresa’s College, Ernakulam and has taught in colleges for about five years. Her interests include creative writing, reading, translation and film criticism. She writes in two languages and has published anthologies of poetry in both English and Malayalam, titled "Springlets from Helicon" and "Ente Rithubhedangal". Her research area was multidisciplinary, reading the Sri Lankan war from the perspectives of trauma, testimony and memory. She aspires to do research in Folk Religion.




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