Evolution of Entertainment and Indian Literature: From Musical Plays To Hollywood


  • Isha Mittal University of Delhi




Street plays, musical drama music, evolution, silent movie, Bollywood, Hollywood, technology


Evolution is an unending, continuous process marked by gradual changes and improvements that manifest in diverse forms and stages. In today's high-speed world, as we perpetually race and immerse ourselves in the quest for livelihood, the imperative for stress relief and relaxation becomes even more crucial. The entertainment industry has played a pivotal role in helping us realize this potential. Indian literature encompasses classical texts, ancient scriptures, narratives, and poetry in myriad languages across various works. This industry has grown expansively, garnering the interest of both avid listeners and dedicated readers. Enthusiasts range from those captivated by ancient literature to those intrigued by science and fiction. As the industry evolved from its roots in musical plays to the heights of Hollywood, it's vital to recognize that each stage possesses unique features and allure although a shift has been seen and people have become more inclined to Hollywood. And let's not overlook the expressive enactments of musical plays, as they paved the way for the grandeur of Hollywood.




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Isha Mittal. “Evolution of Entertainment and Indian Literature: From Musical Plays To Hollywood”. Samyukta: A Journal of Gender and Culture, vol. 8, no. 2, July 2023, doi:10.53007/SJGC.2023.V8.I2.201.