Vol. 3 No. 1 (2018): Poems on Resistance

ISSN No: 2583-4347


Samyukta has been deeply interested in issues related to translation since its inception. When it comes to the poetry, it is considered untranslatable by Sreedevi K Nair, who, in her article “Is Poetry Lost in Translation?” differentiates between a poet and a translator.  A poet expresses her  own  emotional, imaginative,  or  intellectual  apprehension  of  facts  and experiences  while in  the  case  of  a  translation,  the original work stimulates the translator so much that she experiences a deep affinity for the work which in turn prompts her to create a version of that experience in her language. It is true that no one can think another’s thoughts or feel another’s feelings exactly and in totality, but this is not what is expected of a translator either. The basic qualification that a good translator should meet is that she should be able to peruse a literary work in such a way  that  she can  make a  sensible  reading  of  it.

G. S. Jayasree
Chief Editor
Samyukta: A Journal of Gender and Culture

Published: 2018-01-30