Special Issue on Thatri Narratives Guest Editors : Sreekumar. P.K. and Priya Jose K

1. How smarthavicharam found us

P.K. Sreekumar & Priya Jose K.

2. Temporal and spatial coordinates of chastity trials

P.K. Sreekumar & Priya Jose K

3. Smarthavicharam

Anonymous (gentleman) Reporter, Malayala Manorama

4. Smarthavicharam from Archives

Anonymous Report (Malayala Manorama)

5. Smarthavicharam: Caste, State and the Regulation of Female Sexuality

K. M. Sheeba

6. Example is Better than Precept in Revolution

V.T. Vasudevan

7. Harlot or Heroine?

N. R. Gramaprakash

8. What Befell Thathri next?

N. P. Vijayakrishnan

9. The Gloomy Ostracized

K. B. Sreedevi

10. Transmuting Traditions: Thathri And Others

P. S. Manojkumar

11. Antharjanam

Olappamanna Sreedevi

12. Excerpts from Smarthavicharam

P. Bhaskaranunni

13. Economic Undercurrents of Social Transformation in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Kerala

E.A. Ibrahim

14. Thathri: Event, Gender and Evolution

Aji K.M

15. Vicharams: Evental Pointers, Possibilities and Intensities in Liminal Phases

Mathew A. Varghese

16. Choice and Chastity: Quest for Self-discovery in Ishti

Madhu Iravankara

17. Smarthavicharam from the journal Vijnanachintamani

Punnassery Nampi Neelakanta Sarma

18. Certain Technical Terms related to Smarthavicharam

Satheesh K.V & Reena Nair

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