Call for paper Jan 2024

Imaginative Possibilities in Humanities Research

“Research is formalized curiosity”, said Zora Neale Hurston. Yet, when it comes to Humanities, can we not retain a bit of the magical charm of literature? Isn’t there an idea that lies unexplored in your mind, something that you have swept aside for the fear of it not adhering to the Procrustean theories, something inhabiting the borderlands of imagination?

We, at Samyukta, value creativity and would love to hear your original thoughts. The January 2024 number of Samyukta: A Journal of Gender and Culture awaits your imaginative research stories, yet untold. What if a random thought holds the spark to a future theory?

Transcend disciplines, blend genres, challenge the giants. Send your research articles, research notes, and original pieces of life writing and travel writing on, but not limited to, our areas of interest. Sorry, we cannot accommodate pieces of fiction or poetry.


Please submit your manuscripts following the  formatting and style guidelines on or before 13th November 2023. For any queries, mail to

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