Samyukta: A Journal of Gender and Culture

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Call for Papers
Vol. 9 No.1 January 2024
“Samyukta : Call for papers”
Vol. 9 No. 2  July 2024
About the Journal

Samyukta: A Journal of Gender and Culture is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed, academic journal published by Women’s Initiatives from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Through incisive questioning of entrenched stances and deep biases, the journal has by now emerged as a leading publication from India in the field of Gender and Cultural Studies. Read More


The editorial team of Samyukta comprises  experienced scholars in the field of Liberal Humanities. It is their professed aim to revisit the received ideas within the ambit of Liberal Humanities and redefine the basic concepts in keeping with their closely held convictions. More

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