Call for papers 2024 vol II

Reflexive Humanities : New Perspectives in Humanities

Call for papers

It is widely accepted that the term Humanism has a protean nature. Historically, Humanism has been used to describe various philosophical categories, different schools of thought, and opposing ways of life. In the present century, rational scrutiny and individual moral autonomy are widely accepted as its defining characteristics.  By extension, the term Humanities refers to a hermeneutics of culture.

Projecting  the nature of Humanities as a historical condition with  epistemological foundations, Samyukta Research Foundation (SRF) is working towards establishing “Reflexive Humanities” as a  conceptual category with philosophical underpinnings. As an emerging field, Reflexive Humanities probes into the ‘reflexive’ nature of humanities that continuously refines and reforms its basic assertions with a critical sensibility.

We aim  to test new waters in academic research, employing the time-honoured tools of critical theory, historicism, cultural studies, and so on in innovative and  daring ways. To mark the  beginning of this venture, we plan to bring out a Reader with OBS in 2024. In this context, we are inviting scholarly articles in the following areas, brought together under the umbrella term Reflexive Humanities, to factor in the connected nature of

  • Blue Humanities
  • Digital Humanities
  • Environmental Humanities
  • Health Humanities
  • Legal Humanities.
  • Urban Humanities

Please submit your manuscripts following the  formatting and style guidelines of Samyukta, on or before 30 September 2024. For any queries, please reach out to us via  email  at

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