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  You might have seen her regularly. She comes at about eight or nine in the morning. She comes with her hesitant and slow pace. She carries a basket or a tin box under her arm. That basket or tin…

Memoir and the Erotic: A Reading of Atmakathaikku oru Aamugham (Preface to an Autobiography)and Antharjanam: Memoirs of a Namboodiri Woman

Abstract: The articulation of sexuality within the malayala brahmana community is interspersed with the narrative representation of it in memoirs. Memories of everyday inconspicuousness of the Antherjanam considered “asuryampashyakal”, their semantics of appearance, elaborate ritualistic seclusion (ghosha) within the confines…

The Darkest blue

The experience of love that I’m going to describe is the strangest. So here’s an advance warning: chaste wives (in the satisavitri mould) and strictly monogamous men (in the maryaadaapurushottam mould) are advised against reading this account. I will not…

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