Mother Mary and 20th Century fox

I was wandering about in my timeless world of happiness in heaven when angel Gabriel approached me. She gave me a task, the same task that I had performed back when I was in my living state, on earth. She told me that god wanted me to deliver his son to the world again. So, no choice, I accepted the will of god. I went back to resume a new life on earth.

Many decades had passed on earth since my son, Jesus’ death. People had lost faith in god and now it was my duty to bring forth the next renewer of faith. I grew up as a simple girl in a metropolitan city. I was blessed with a beautiful body. I was sent to school, educated and well fed with loving parents. Years past by quickly, I was just 13. And I knew what was coming. I started to fall in love with a guy in my school. He was everything that I needed for a Joseph. He loved me too.

One day, I went and told my parents about our love. They hit me very brutally. They locked me up inside a room for more than 20 days. They passed me edibles though a slit on the door. I was in utter darkness till… Gabriel came down to inform me about the conception. I immediately alerted my parents about the gravity of my situation; I told them I was pregnant. They refused to believe me. In a few months, inside the dark room my stomach began to bulge. Now for sure they had to believe me.

My parents realised that there was no way out but to get me married to the boy that they thought was responsible for this. They cursed me.

They yelled out the worst insults. I had become a disgrace to my loving family. A burden! But on the bright side I was finally driven out. I went directly to see the man of my heart. He was happy to see me. I was relieved. My worries were over.

I didn’t want to hide anything from him so I asked him about his dream in which Gabriel was to inform him about his duties as he was to take up the responsibility of fostering the son of god. He asked me first if I was pregnant. I said yes. He immediately threw me out of his house and insisted that I cheated on him and tried to impose a child on him by using some hypnotism from some sci-fi movie.

Ok, minor setback. I was going to have to take care of my baby Jesus as a single mother. I went to one of those plantation lands on the out skirts of the city ready to give birth. It was painful but I walked out of the shadows as a mother. I was relieved. The worst was over. I picked up my little bundle of joy and walked back into the city. I followed the light, like the kings had followed the star (who now by the way, might have ignored the memo.) I was very tired when I reached a small hospital. I slept on the side walk and waited for the new day to come.

I woke up the next day. I had borne it all in His name and His kingdom on earth was in my arms now. I opened my eyes. And what more to greet me, the hospital authorities who had gathered around near me! They asked me, “Is this child registered?” I said no and I enquired how I could. The nurse asked me with a straight face “Do you have any money?” I didn’t have any so I shook my head. She smiled and replied, “Who is its father?” “I’m Mary; this is the son of God. Holy conception don’t you know?” “You can’t prove that, you have to go through the DNA test” “I don’t have a single penny” “Then your child does not exist”. “Oh Arch Angel!” I called out to Gabriel “This is Mission Impossible!”


TEJASWI MURALI. Is an emergingwriter.

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Is an emergingwriter.

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