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The River

When his arms stretched towards her naked underbelly, she pushed them roughly away. ‘Don’t touch me,’ she hissed. ‘What if I touch you?’ ‘You don’t have the right to.’ ‘Am I not your husband?’ ‘Are you?’ ‘Why? Do you have…

The Reindeer

Preface: O ruthless Traveller, why did you break with your stories wild The idol in my heart, the meaning of my life ? The idol sans any vice, full of naïve wildness, Adorable, the only one to penetrate my tapasya…


     Act One of Saketam is set in Ayodhya, at the very dramatic moment when Sri Raman is declared the crown prince. The evocative description of how Kosalam should be decorated and the list of things that Vasishtan requires…

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