Lessons: 1,2, 3

“Far above is the sky

Far below is the Earth.

You are the Earth

I am the sky.”

Aha !

how profound!

give food to fill my belly

give dreams to fill my sleep;

who is the giver here,

who the taker? all our

daily acts depend In this give-take.

“He is the God; and “she” the slave

And how “gratifying” this life

falling at His lotus-feet.

Language too, like the roti-dough.

cannot take

any other shape; when rolled out

it has to be a round / a triangle.

Step-by-step, cross this thought,

deftly, involuntarily; the steps

then take a deviation; If the feet

keep moving along the deviance,

a new path will be cut.


Where was it hiding

all this while? Was it there

standing next to the kitchen-sink

washing the utensils? Swinging

to a doze, catching up on sleep?

Ours is a new world,

There is no God,

no giver,

no taker,

There, language has no speech

And speech has no arrogance.

This … should at least be dreamt of.

Translated by Chitra Panikkar from Kannada.


A Square-

The kitchen, the hall, the bed-room

A neat square.

The mattress, the cot, the bed-sheet

A perfect square.

The book, the table, the chair

the thought-stream;

everything is within

this square-barrier.

The door, the roof, the wall,

while tiles laid on the floor,


the fragment of sky

the ventilator admits in

have all, corners four.

The roundness of the Earth stands suspect.

If the words jump out,

If they crosss the page ,if

they escape the meaning-barrier,

then varying limits,

for the soundless forms.

Here, sense of space

changes to its converse

space spreads endlessly…

(so much of space

lies within S P A C E )

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