Morning & Other Poems

companions on my early morning ride

milkmen ladies taught by lady and i

to put education in unwilling heads

who have reluctantly left their

unyielding beds

early morning joggers with

pot bellies to hide

dogs in hoary colours

brown black and white

everything i measure as i make my way

look there the break of day.


the married woman’s signs

can be seen on me

the mangalsutra the sindoor mandatory metti

i pray for my husband

perambulate the tulsi plant

his name is god’s

and is convenient to chant

i am devoted

maybe even besotted

see me and you’d also agree

for i carry all signs

of blissful matrimony

i am never far from a chance

to pray

never tired of thanks to say

you see me

traditional and shy

married for a while

but there also is

a time to take it all off

fling them aside

casual as a cough

when i am with another man

it’s sans jewellery

that i do what i can

you see

it would be disrespectful

to don them then

and there so i do

what i do and after

the marriage

i wear.



lapis lazuli

the tongue wraps itself

around words


as binding ties

whimsical cat’s eyes

and searches

for more

words that mean


like you and i.


in my autumn of memories

i discarded like leaves

memories of you and me

of you

and watched them being raked and carted away

to be burnt in the flames of hate

in the fire of hurt

the winter came and the ashes

flew into my window once more

cold comfort to a battered

heart and a bruised soul.

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