Pushed out

Before I could be nine months old

My mom’s womb pushed me out

After nine days on earth behold

My mom’s hands strangled me about

My scream encased me in the earth to be old.

In school I was a toddler

Held out my palm for a rubber

He complained to the teacher

I was sent out — far from my peer

I became a loner.

In a row I waited long

Eager to win in singing song My teacher snarled ‘you crow

Go back’ — she listed me out.

Tears fiercely clamped my throat.

Later polished my sound tender

To lift my voice in praises to God

The guitarist ’s lips curving at comer

Choked my tender cord

Throwing me out of cord.

CoJlegc called me to come away

ln secluded spot I studied the way

Stood second in class

Only to be cut out branded

Memorized vomiting tops.

Lecturer, innocent — ignorance was I steel

Corrected papers my principal did steal

A culprit I stood yelled at

Her sole intent was to throw me out

Yet I withstood that cut-throat.

My colleague expelled me from the convoy

Labeling me, unmannered; unsociable

Beauty had its grudge upon my visage

So she commanded the others to treat me as an outcast.

I wandered rootlessly rooting my cast

Grace of God holds me in

Scoops me in His hands

Holds me close to His bosom

Drawing me closer.

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